BMW X7: Luxury ‘Minivan’ Counting Down To LA!

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The 2018 LA Auto Show will commence in about a month from now and it will host the launching of several exciting vehicles. Among them is the US-bound BMW X7 – an SUV that is hoping to become the best luxury ‘minivan’ in this country.

We say minivan because the X7 will feature the shell of an SUV but with the practicality of a minivan. The cabin can accommodate 7 occupants and this makes the X7 a fitting luxury vehicle for family hauling on the daily.

The best part about the three-row-seat configuration on the X7 is that they never compromise on luxuries. The seats are designed with the highest quality materials and they can also be rearranged for any other usage.

The full details on the US-bound X7 will get released in LA and we can’t wait to learn more about it. The X7 is, after all, the vehicle that will end Range Rover’s monopoly in 3-row luxury SUVs.

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