BMW X8 M Could Be Happening

Could BMW be working secretly on a high-performance BMW X8 M model but the cat is out of the bag now as some people discovered the nameplate in their trademark application this year.

A forum user in Bimmerpost reported that this is the first time BMW has chosen to protect this designation while the X8 trademark was applied back in 2016. For now, if BMW does work on an X8 model, it should come in to sit above the X7 and could have a bigger footprint.

According to Bimmerpost, the BMW X8 production will be starting in 2020 which means it will be making its debut in 2021. With so much time in hand, it won’t be a surprise if the vehicle was also given a M-tuned model if this trademark means anything.

Of course, just because BMW filled a trademark does not mean it will come out to anything as automaker applies for trademarks all the time but is for precaution.

Author: Staff Reporter

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