BMW X8 & M8 To Build On 8-Series Debut?

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So, it has been confirmed that the 8-Series will be coming out on June 15 this year and BMW is hoping to return to the top of luxury pecking order with the coupe.

While many are excited for the 8-Series, they are equally worried that the car may bring an end to the 6-Series entirely. BMW has yet to clarify on this but the fact that they had just brought out the 6-Series GT makes it unlikely for the 8-Series to replace the outgoing coupe entirely.

Perhaps, the real answer for this is already available through observing BMW’s line-up. As how you can see below, the 2-Series, 4-Series and 6-Series are all made equally in the sense that they can be a regular coupe or an ‘SAV’.

Should the upcoming 8-Series stay for good, the car is likely to get an ‘SAV’ variant with the name X8 as well as an ultra-sporty version called the M8. Will it happen though?


-Regular Coupe
-Gran Coupe
-M240i Coupe
-M2 Coupe


-Regular Coupe
-Gran Coupe
-M4 Coupe


-GT 4D Coupe
-X6 M


-Gran Coupe