BMW X8: Why Stop At 8-Series?

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As we near the debut of the all-new BMW 8-Series, a number of questions raced through our mind and the loudest one of all is about the purpose of the car.

Personally, we feel that BMW already has a complete line-up of vehicles and the 8-Series will only overcrowd the carmaker’s offerings. But the fact that BMW has always smiled to the bank with their decisions has placed a mute in our opinion.

We’re personally okay with that and wish BMW the best with the 8-Series but all of that has changed when the carmaker teased on the X8. BMW said that the success of the 8-Series will fuel them into developing an X8.

The X8 will get slotted above the X7 and we simply can’t comprehend the need for multiple, near-similar, over-the-top luxury SUVs. More on the X8 will get revealed in the near future.