BMW Z4 & Twin Recalled Over Headlight Issue

BMW will be issuing a new recall to bring back their own BMW Z4 and BMW 3 Series as well as BMW Z4 twin, the Toyota Supra after it was discovered that there might be some issue with the headlights.

According to the report, there might be an electrical issue with the vehicle that would cause one or both of the headlights to cut out. The recall will affect about 245 units of vehicles including 177 Toyota Supras, 37 BMW Z4S, and 31 BMW 3 Series. While the issue itself does not put the driver or passenger in any immediate danger, having the lights go out when driving could be a huge issue for many.

BMW added that the issue could be with the printed circuit boards of the headlight control unit. Those recalled will get a replacement of the faulty circuit boards for free.

This is not the first recall that the Supra has been getting but let us hope it will be the last.

Author: Staff Reporter

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