Brabham Automotive Limited Affordable Road Car Coming

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We are about to see the third act for Brabham Automotive unfold as Dan Marks, the commercial director for the company revealed a little more about what they are going to be working on.

It was reported that Brabham is looking to develop a more affordable supercar and that we will be seeing more units being offered compared to the BT62 but it will still be very limited.

According to Marks, the vehicle will be a road car that is also well-suited to the trach. He added that they are looking to build about 100 to 200 cars per annum. As exciting as that sounds, we will not be seeing it anytime soon as it was hinted that we might only see it three years later.

There is not a whole lot of details right now but he did say that they might take on the McLaren 720S or maybe the Aston Martin Vanquish. Which one would you like to see them take on?