Bugatti Chiron Noire Not As Rare But Still Very Limited

Bugatti had offered some pretty rare vehicles like the La Voiture Noire as there was only one made and now they are ready to work on another. The Chiron Noire.

Unlike the La Voiture Noire, there will be two versions of these Chiron Noire but there will be two different versions of the Noire. One of them is called Chiron Noire Elegance and Chiron Noire Sportive.

The Elegance is a showy black model which is carbon fiber bodywork expose. The front radiator grille will be covered with two new mesh design. There will be a Bugatti badge with solid silver and black enamel. On the rear fenders is the “Noire” word to make sure nobody has mistaken it for anything else.

The Sportive, on the other hand, will be a matte black model with black leather on the inside along with the black steering wheel, center console, switchgear and more. Production will begin in the second quarter of next year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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