Bugatti SUV Won’t Be Happening

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It does feel like every automaker is scrambling to hop on to the SUV and crossover train but it looks Bugatti will be one of the automakers that will stay out of this fight.

There were rumors that we might see a Bugatti SUV soon but according to CEO Stephan Winkelmann revealed that the company is not looking to build an SUV. He explain that a vehicle like that will not do any justice to the brand.

While we will not be getting an SUV from Bugatti, we will still be seeing more models coming this year as they will be velebrating their anniversary with a fwe new models although Bugatti has not reveal or announce anything yet.

For now, Bugatti will continue to focus on their Chiron production will will be ending in 2021 when they complete their 500th unit. They will also be working on the Divo, an even more exclusive models with only 40 to be build.