Bugatti Will Not Be Joining The SUV Party

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With no many supercar companies now looking to offer an SUV of their own, most people would assume that Bugatti will be next to hop on the SUV train but it looks like that is far from what Bugatti has in mind right now.

According to Stephen Winkelmann, the President of Bugatti made it clear that there will be no Bugatti from SUV as he thinks an SUV would not do the brand or their history justice.

Other supercar brand like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce either already has an SUV to offer or is working on one. One other automaker that has stayed away from SUVs is McLaren.

Bugatti will also be celebrating their 110th anniversary this year and has revealed that they will have a few surprises by presenting some further models. Not much details were announce but we should be learning more about it soon enough.