Buick Encore GX Will Be Coming Our Way?

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We got to see the new Buick Encore GX at the Shanghai Auto Show this year. The new model is basically a longer version of the Encore as we know how popular those vehicles are in China but it looks like we will also be seeing the Buick Encore GX here.

Earlier this year, Duncan Aldred, the brand boss suggested that we will be seeing a new model this year and chances are, it is the Encore GX model. Unlike the Encore that we have here, the vehicle that we saw in China rides on the Global Emerging Markets platform while the Encore GX model will ride on the Vehicle Strategy Set-Front architecture.

If the Encore GX does arrive, the vehicle will be sitting below the Envision but on top of the Encore so we should be able to estimate the price tag of the vehicle when it does arrive. The Encore has been doing pretty well in the US and the Encore GX would only make it better for Buick and their Encore.