Buick Is Not A Good Defense Against Ford Ranger!

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Don’t worry. The above picture is not an official photo of a midsized pickup truck from Buick. Heck, the concept rendering is also not a Buick at all. Instead, it is a fan-made rendering used to visualize how the Chevrolet Colorado will look like in Europe after getting absorbed by Opel.

What moved us is the design which we feel is very close to a Buick. At first glance, the concept above convinced us that it is a Buick pickup truck that GM is building to fend off the returning Ford Ranger.

The latter has been an absentee for many years already and it is hoping to make an impactful return through a new generation model next year. The next-gen Ranger will be based on the global Ranger and it promises to take the midsized segment by storm.

Even if GM is to approve the Buick pickup truck that looks like the above, we don’t see how the vehicle will get good reception in the market. It will only make the midsized scene more crowded and this can make things worse for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.