Byton Electric SUV Will Not Ditch Steering Screen

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We have already seen what Byton’s electric SUV could be offering on the inside thanks to the concepts that they showed off in the past. One of the features that stood out on the inside is the screen on the steering. At that time, most people believe that the screen will only be part of the concept and that the production version will be ditching it but based on the new teaser image, it looks like Byton has all intention to keep it on the steering wheel.

Byton released a new teaser image this week and it is clear that most of the features from the concept was brought over. They did make a few changes but not much. There is the high-resolution screen on the dash, the steering wheel’s screen is smaller now but it is still there.

When Byton first showed us the concept, they suggest that the owners will be riding more than driving the vehicle as the vehicle will be fitted with Level 4 autonomy but this teaser suggest that it might need more driving than we imagine.

More details will be reveal when Byton shows it off at CES.