Cadillac Crossover Range Won’t Impress When It Finally Arrives

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Cadillac was at the North Amerian International Auto Show where they showed off their new electric vehicles including the Cadillac Crossover model. It was later revealed that they are aiming to have the vehicle deliver close to 400miles of range as that is what combustion cars are offering.

With 400miles of range, the Cadillac Crossover would be able to compete with models like the Tesla Model X 100D which offers about 295miles of range now as well as Audi E-Tron and Mercedes EQC model.

As amazing as it sounds, the new Cadillac Crossover will only be arriving three years later and with where the market is going right now, most vehicle would proabbly be offering something similar or more when the crossover finally arrives.

We also need to consider the huge abttery that the vehicle will need as well as the cahrging time but it is still too early to start speculating about these details yet.