Cadillac First EV Will Take The Stage In Detroit

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Cadillac will be at the Detroit Auto Show where they will be showing off their new EV model but before that, they decided to show it off at an off-site event.

According to Cadillac, the vehicle will come in with both two-wheel drive and all wheel drive option but so far, that is all the details we know about the vehicle.

The images that Cadillac has released so far showed the vehicle with a few concepts looking design but the production model should still look very similar to the Cadillac EV model when it finally arrives.

According to Cadillac will be the first EV vehicle from Cadillac and will mark the start of their EV journey. More details like the range, performance and features of the upcoming model will be revealed when we see it at the Detroit Auto Show. The Cadillac EV should also be sold gloablly.