Cadillac Not Ready To Give Up On Sedans Yet

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A few automakers have already made it pretty clear that they are looking to focus their efforts on creating new crossover, SUVs and truck model but it looks like Cadillac is still sticking with their sedans for now.

Instead of focusing on SUVs and crossover, Cadillac decided to introduce three more sedan models, the CT4-V, CT5 and the CT5-V. They even announce that they would be keeping the CT6 and CT6-V alive until next year even though those two models were supposed to get taken out from their line up this month.

According to Cadillac, they already have a few new SUVs to offer now and they want to look at the sedan as they think that the sedans are still being sought after by the younger buyers.

Cadillac also plans to spice things up with a few performance models like the V-Series models. So it looks like the sedans will be here to stay for a little longer.