Camaro Shows Why Chevrolet Shouldn’t Be In The UK Any Longer!

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The UK automotive industry is a market that is contested by every major carmaker in the world but this is not so much for GM’s Chevrolet. The US-based automaker only has one car on sale in the entire UK and it is the Camaro.

Well, after seeing that the Camaro is unfit for the UK roads, it is perhaps best for Chevrolet to pack up their bags and leave this country for good.

A video has surfaced online earlier today and it shows the Camaro crashing when attempting to show off its speed at a local car meet. In the US, this is a normal happening and it often involves the Camaro’s rival, the Ford Mustang.

But in the UK, the Mustang is surprisingly well-behaved and it is this one particular Camaro that managed to grab the headlines. If the viral video is to create a stir and have an influence on our local automotive scene, it may see the end of Chevrolet on our lands.