Can Buick Canyon Do A Better Job As Chevy Colorado’s Twin?

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Now before we proceed, let us make it clear that Buick has never mentioned anything about competing in the pickup truck market. The picture above is a fan-made concept which we will use to visualize the potential of having a pickup truck produced by Buick.

Seeing that the midsized pickup truck segment is being threatened by the returning Ford Ranger, many feel that the GM should pull the GMC Canyon out of the equation because it is not doing well in sales. However, killing the Canyon will leave a void in the market but that can be filled by Buick.

Should Buick resort to a midsized pickup truck that is based on the Chevrolet Colorado, the outcome may appear like the picture above. The design language is typical to that of a Buick and the vehicle may place extra emphasis on comfort and driving character instead of ruggedness and pure power.

Such an offering can certainly extend GM’s reach in the midsized scene as Buick can target the niche buyers whereas the Chevrolet Colorado can target the traditional buyers. But of course, the whole idea for Buick to develop a pickup truck at present moment is completely absurd to begin with.