Car Dealers vs Machine: Should GM Be Worried?

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Earlier this week, a video of a car vending machine going into operation in Singapore turned viral online and it created a unique discussion regarding car dealers.

Some actually see car vending machines as the future of car shops where dealers are no longer required. Many agree with this but they still prefer to have a living soul to talk to as they browse through the vending machines.

What surprised us is that the majority that sided with machines taking over car dealers are owners of a GM-produced vehicle. Some of them were not shy enough to share their bitter experience at a GM dealer. The bitter stories got many others voicing out how they experienced judging eyes and poor services at GM dealers.

Because of this, it is completely understandable why these folks are hoping for less human dealing cars. We can’t imagine how the future will be like if car purchases are made through vending machines with a human sales guide hence we would love to know how you feel about it.