Chevrolet Bolt Short-Circuits GM Electric Potential

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The Chevrolet Bolt has received numerous praises for turning 200+ miles range into the new minimum standard for affordable EVs but the poor handling of the car by GM has damaged its market potential.

It all started with the Bolt’s launching which never came together with a healthy stock count for the dealers. The lack of volume has forced the Bolt into a slow start in the market despite the clear demand for the car.

Secondly, GM took many months to get the Bolt ready for purchase on a nationwide basis and when they managed to finally delivered the Bolt, the supply dwindled hence forcing consumers into a long wait.

Today, we can add one more negative point and it is that the Bolt has recorded a 41% drop in sales for Q3 2018. GM’s move to announce sales on a quarterly basis has failed to hide the mishaps of the Bolt and it greatly shows that the car is being troubled by the mishandling.

So in electrical terms, it pretty accurate to say that sales of the Bolt has short-circuited and only GM can make it right again. This is a scenario that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.