Chevrolet Camaro Baptized To Exorcize Dodge Demon

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The latest Chevrolet Camaro has already made its mark in the sports market as it is able to offer greater performance than the Ford Mustang. But as good as the Chevrolet Camaro is, the vehicle is no match for Dodge’s newest beast, the Challenger Demon.

The Demon takes performance to a whole new level when it arrived with 840hp to offer from a V8 engine. This is about 133hp more than what the Challenger Hellcat is able to offer hence making the new Challenger fitting of the name Demon.

The thing is that the Demon has got no real competition in the market due to it being the fastest accelerating car around. That was the case until today when Hennessey Performance decided that it is time to put an end to the Challenger Demon by beefing up the Camaro ZL1 1LE.

The modified Camaro is called the Exorcist and it has 1000hp to offer after some heavy tuning. With so much power to offer, Hennessey revealed that the car can give the Dodge Demon a fight of a lifetime.