Chevrolet Camaro Caught Copying Ford Mustang’s Game Plan

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The Ford Mustang may be the king of global sports car sales but this does not mean that the all-new Chevrolet Camaro has completely given up competing against its rival.

The new Camaro was launched with more power to offer and its performance is rated to be better than the Mustang. Knowing that the Camaro can’t rely on US sales alone for success, Chevrolet has decided to ship the vehicle to China, a country which the Mustang is already making it big.

However, only one version of the Camaro will be offered in China and that is the Camaro RS. Everything sure sounds exciting if you are a sports car fan living in the Far East Nation until you realized that the Camaro RS is really expansive to own.

As how it was announced by GM last month, the Camaro RS will be priced from RMB399,000 and this translates to about $58,000. While it may also mean that the Camaro RS is $1000 cheaper than the Mustang, the specs offered with the car confirms that the vehicle is overpriced.

The Camaro RS is almost the price of the Camaro ZL1 1LE but the trim is equivalent to a basic Camaro here in the US. But before we can blast the Camaro RS for ripping off the locals in China, we have to note that Chevrolet was merely following the pricing standards set by Ford.

It is perhaps safe to say that Chevrolet copied Ford’s game plan for China but this does not change the fact that the Camaro RS is overpriced.