Chevrolet Camaro Caught With Ford Mustang Desires!

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The Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang are two rivals that have never stopped trying to outdo one another and this is why we find it weird when a Camaro got caught copying a Mustang over in the UK.

In a country where muscle cars are considered rare at a meet, the Camaro has decided to stole the show in the way of the Mustang. The driver of the Camaro went off the car meet by letting loose on public roads and it was then where the car crashed into oncoming traffic.

The damage was well contained as both cars involved in the crash managed to reduce speed drastically prior to impact. However, it is the Camaro that takes the bigger repair bill and this is especially when the car is the only vehicle being actively sold in the UK.

Crashing at car meets is an act that is commonly practiced by the Ford Mustang, at least here in the US. As such, we find it accurate to say that the Camaro in the video below has made a successful attempt in recreating the Mustang’s stigma.