Chevrolet Camaro Looks To Vette’s Manual To Defeat Ford Mustang

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Ask anyone that have driven a manual and they are likely to share their joy of the transmission with you. It cannot be helped as a manual gearbox offers a more engaging driving feel and greater power control of the vehicle.

Despite the goodness that is with a manual shifter, the technology is described by many as ‘prehistoric’ and they are fast dipping in popularity. This explains why more carmakers are reluctant to produce a manual-powered car.

But this won’t be the case for the Chevrolet Camaro as reports have confirmed that GM will begin offering the pony car with a 7-speed stick shift that is sourced from Corvette. The manual gearbox will become an official offering through the 2019 Camaro and GM is hoping that the appeal it will bring to driving enthusiast can help improve Camaro sales against rival Ford Mustang.

Whether this will prove successful for GM or not, it won’t matter as we are now more interested in seeing Ford responding to this. For all we know, Ford may retaliate by offering manual with the Mustang across all trims.