Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Has A Problem With Track Mode!

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The latest Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is a monstrous performer on the track but it does come with one issue that can ruin your run on a lap. It is with the vehicle’s track mode function that has no influence to the way airbags work on the car.

In detail, the airbags on the Camaro ZL1 can go off at random due to the sheer force applied on the car when letting loose on the track. An incident showcasing this surfaced online earlier today and it saw the side curtain airbag blowing up as the Camaro tackled a sharp bend at about 1.25G.

Those that are familiar with this flaw have this practice of removing the airbag fuse before tracking on the Camaro ZL1. Unfortunately for those who doesn’t, the sudden activation of the airbags may create more danger on the track.

As a reference, Toyota’s sports mode will also make the airbags less sensitive than when in normal mode. Such an offering may provoke a lawsuit if a fatal crash is to happen but should it be the way for the Camaro ZL1?