Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon Trim Options Adjusted

Chevrolet is looking at making some changes to their Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon offering by adjusting the trim options once more.

According to GM Authority, the base trim option for the COloraod and Canyon will be taken out. That means when the 2021 model arrives, the Base Extended Cab trim that comes with automatic transmission will not be offered anymore. The new base option will be the Work Truck option which will come with the extended cab and rear-wheel drive option. This model is currently being sold for $26,595.

As for the GMC Canyon, the new base model will now be called the Elevation Standard as GMC work to give all their trim levels new names. The new base option will be $4,200 more expensive than the current base option.

Both trucks will also be getting some minor upgrades for 2021 so fans have that to look forward to.

Author: Staff Reporter

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