Chevrolet Cruze Death A Huge Surprise For Many

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General Motors announced this week that a few of their models will be killed off here in North America and one of the models on the list that many thinks should not be there is the Chevrolet Cruze.

Being a sedan, we could see why GM might want to kill it off but then again, the vehicle was not doing that bad in the US market. While the vehicle was not as successful as sedans like the Honda Civic, the vehicle still did pretty well.

Its spacious interior and affordable price tag made the vehicle an attractive option. According to Carsalesbase data, Chevrolet managed to sell 184,751 Chevrolet Cruze in the US last year which is more units than the Ford Focus.

With the removal of the Cruze, consumers will have one less affordable model to choose from now and this might be a problem that we will be seeing in the near future as automakers focus more on crossovers and SUVs.