Chevrolet Dealers Not Ready To Turn Their Backs On Sedan Yet

A lot of automakers are making it clear that they are ready to push sedans aside for now as they focus on making more trucks and SUVs but it looks like the Chevrolet and Lincoln dealers are not ready to say goodbye to sedans yet.

According to Automotive News, the dealers of both brands still see the need for a sedan and that it would be nice to have a car to offer especially if the car is in the low-MSRP range.

All is not lost fo Chevrolet right now as they still have the Chevrolet Sonic and Spark to offer. At this point, we do not know if the brands are ready to give up on their trucks and SUVs to focus on sedans right now but it is clear that sedans will not be going anywhere for the time being despite some of the predictions made.

Do you think there is still a future for sedans?

Author: Staff Reporter

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