Chevrolet Malibu: Too Quiet For Comfort

Things have been pretty quiet on the side of Chevrolet Malibu especially with the pandemic right as new reports now claim that the vehicle could be retired in two years’ time.

According to GM Authority, the Chevrolet Malibu could be axed in 2023 which is a surprise since the original plan was for the vehicle to get a final face-lift in 2023 and that will hang around until 2025 but that might not happen anymore this is the latest news turns out to be true.

Of course, at this point, Chevrolet has not made any official announcement yet but with the Malibu sales number dropping every year, we won’t be surprised of ends up being the fate of the Chevrolet.

There is also no news about Chevrolet Malibu getting a next-gen model as no prototype has been spotted and nothing was mentioned about the new Malibu model.

Author: Staff Reporter

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