Chevrolet Silverado: Time To Swallow Pride & Embrace Aluminium?

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Ever since Ford launched the latest generation F-150, rival GM has never stopped blasting the pickup truck for being weak and unfit to take a beating. This is due to the F-150’s aluminium structure which GM felt is really weak when compared to traditional steel.

This has led to GM mocking the F-150 when marketing the Silverado and the GMC Sierra, and the carmaker is probably regretting that decision. This is due to the fact that both the Silverado and Sierra can’t beat the F-Series pickup truck from Ford on the sales front.

The 2017 figures have shown that the F-150 is significantly better than both the Silverado and the Sierra. It also brought up claims that GM is planning to pick up the aluminium trend for their products starting this year.

If this is going to be the case, the joke will be on GM as the carmaker has made a lot of negative claims towards the F-150. But if there is true potential for greater sales, then GM can simply swallow their pride and proceed to following the aluminium trend.