Chevrolet Sonic Will Not Be Leaving The US

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We already know that Chevrolet will stop offering the Chevrolet Sonic in Canada after the 2018 model production ends and this has led many to believe that the vehicle will also be remove from the US market but it looks like it won’t be leaving the US.

According to Chverolet Canada, the reason why they are taking away the Sonic is because they want to focus more on the Chvrolet Spark but for the US, the Sonic will still be coming to compete with the Ford Fiesta.

The current Chevrolet Sonuc has been around for 7 years now with the last refresh happening 3 years ago which means it is also about time the vehicle gets a successor.

Of course, Chevrolet might choose to keep it around but that does not mean they would want to give it a successor? Do you think they should?