Chevrolet Volt Ends Here, Fan Blames Lack Of Marketing

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While there were already a few EV vehicles out there before the Chevrolet Volt, the Volt was the one that answered the range anxiety that so many buyers had at that time. Using a gas-engine as a backup for the electric engine, the driver will never have to worried about running out of battery and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

As amazing as that sound, the Chevrolet Volt just could not people to be interested enough to get themselves one. The vehicle sold about 20,000 on average per year which was far from enough which is why GM decided to put an end to. The factory will be closed in on Tuesday.

While the Volt itself did not do too well on its own, the vehicle did kick start the whole change to lithium-ion batteries which eventually led to automakers offering full electric vehicles that could go further than ever.

It helps GM come out with the Chevrolet Bolt which is capable of offering about 238miles on a single charge.

While it made sense that GM starts focusing on their other EV models, loyal Volt fans are still upset as many think that GM should have spent more to promote the Volt. What do you think?