Chrysler Pacifica Adds To Toyota Sienna’s Misery

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Minivans are not popular among car enthusiasts but this is with the exception of newly released Chrysler Pacifica. The latter is easily accepted by the enthusiasts thanks to its nice styling and great balance in performance and fuel economy.

In addition to that, the Pacifica is really practical for daily driving and it is also has plenty of space to offer. Getting to the third row seats is easily accessible and the room is perfect even for a basketball player.

The Pacifica’s performance is also very different to other minivans. The engine which the vehicle runs on is proven to be powerful and fun to drive. A recent video which saw the Pacifica going against the Toyota 86 on the drag strip ended with the minivan coming out on top.

This is why we say that the Pacifica’s arrival in the market will add misery to the Toyota Sienna. For a long time already, the latter has been dominating the segment but thanks to the Pacifica’s offering, the vehicle is now not worthy of your money.