Chrysler Pacifica: Beating Toyota 86 Has Dire Consequences!

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Earlier this year, the Chrysler Pacifica defied all odds to come out victorious against the Toyota 86 on the drag strip. The result is a real shocker because the majority never expected a sports car to lose to a hybrid minivan.

It paints a good picture on the unpopular minivan segment and it also makes the Pacifica more attractive than it already is. Many started considering the Pacifica because the vehicle is practical for a big family and can also offer some driving pleasure.

Today, however, the performance of the Pacifica is being placed under fire after an investigation found that the seatbelts on the minivan can unlatch during extreme handling. This means that going fast on the Pacifica may cause the seatbelt mechanism to fail and this can be life-threatening.

Chrysler is not taking any chances on the newfound fault with the Pacifica and they have hence announced on a recall which involves about 50,000 units.