Chrysler Pacifica Brings Misery To Toyota Sienna

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It seems that the Chrysler Pacifica has managed to tick every box for being a great minivan. Minivans may not be popular among enthusiasts but the Pacifica has managed to change the negative perception on the segment.

This cannot be helped as the Pacifica is well-designed, practical and also brags a nice performance. It is simply better than the long-serving Toyota Sienna, which has always been the number one minivan here in the US.

The Pacifica is just better as it offers more interior space and greater driving pleasure. Just last week, the Pacifica was spotted on the quarter-mile competing with the Toyota 86 and it saw the minivan coming out on top in speed.

It is a result nobody expected and this proves that the Pacifica is a pleasure to drive. Such an accomplishment will also push it ahead of the Sienna.

The icing on the cake is with the Pacifica Hybrid, which has finally escaped the assembly plant. Chrysler has begun distributing the Pacifica Hybrid, which is confirmed to be more economical and fun than the Toyota Sienna.

All that is left is fir the Pacifica to offer great reliability. Doing so will certainly spell death for the Sienna.