Chrysler Pacifica: Forgetting Hellcat For Autonomy

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What is there not to like about the Chrysler Pacifica? Despite being a minivan, the vehicle has become a bestseller for Chrysler. It’s even more amazing when you realized that Chrysler only has the Pacifica and 300 up for sale.

It is clear that the decision to launch the new-generation Pacifica a couple of years ago was a shrewd one. If that is not pleasing enough, Sergio Marchionne once released a sketch that teases on the Pacifica Hellcat. The idea to have the Pacifica pushing out 707hp is certainly insane but unfortunately, we won’t be able to witness its happening at all.

Chrysler revealed in their 5-year strategy meeting that the Pacifica Hellcat won’t get developed anytime soon as the vehicle is more focussed on autonomous technology.

In short, FCA is hoping for the Pacifica to become a leader in autonomous technology so that it can be used for e-hailing purposes.