Chrysler Pacifica: Next To Receive Trackhawk Baton?

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“Pass the baton, Jeep!” This is probably what Chrysler is screaming right now as they are opening up to the idea of seeing the Pacifica in Trackhawk guise.

For those that doesn’t know what Trackhawk is, the trim is about to debut on the Grand Cherokee and it will see the large SUV running on the iconic 707hp Hellcat V8 engine. The Grand Cherokee previews have confirmed that the SUV will be able to record faster quarter mile times than the BMW M2, Aston Martin DB11 and even the Challenger Hellcat.

So when Chrysler suddenly released the sketch (pictured above) of a Pacifica with a racer driver, we can’t help but to see it as a sign of the Pacifica Trackhawk’s coming. The latter will be much like the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and it may end up being the fastest minivan in history.

The ordinary Pacifica has already beaten the Toyota 86 on the quarter mile hence seeing it with 707hp leaves us excited to see how the family-oriented vehicle can drive like a beast. Would you like to see the Pacifica Trackhawk happen?