Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Leaves Honda Odyssey Sweating

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Chrysler may not have a strong reputation for building reliable cars like Honda but this does not mean that they can’t come up with a vehicle which can bring the fight to the Japanese brand.

The latest Pacifica PHEV is an example of this as the vehicle leaped straight into becoming the leading name in the minivan segment. Honda attempted to stop the Pacifica PHEV from its tracks by launching the Odyssey Hybrid but the results are horrendous.

The sales charts continue to see the Pacifica leading the pack and it is really easy to understand why. The Pacifica has got the most attractive design in the minivan market and it also brags the best balance in power and fuel economy.

We have already seen how the Pacifica is able to outpace a Toyota 86 on the drag strip while in stock form hence there is no need to dispute on the power which the Pacifica has to offer. The vehicle also has an all electrical range of 30 miles which makes it a great daily driver.

The icing on the cake is with the Pacifica’s interior. The vehicle is so roomy inside which makes it more comfortable to commute in. This is something which the Odyssey can’t match, even if it had went through a refresh very recently ago.