Chrysler Pacifica Questions Honda Odyssey Leadership Claims!

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So, the April 2018 sales data for the automotive industry is now out and it helps us identify the biggest winner and loser per segment. For now, our focus is on the minivan segment – a field that is being fought over by the Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica.

The former has showed strong recovery in 2018 and April saw it gaining 21% over the year before. In total, Honda moved 8,464 Odyssey in April 2018 thus bringing the overall 2018 figures to 31,471. Honda cannot be more pleased with the Odyssey’s pace of sales and they even described the vehicle as the sales leader in the minivan scene.

We can’t help but to feel happy for Honda but our joy turned sour right after checking out Chrysler’s sales data. In the same month, Chrysler has actually moved 13,086 Pacifica and this is more than the Odyssey by a significant margin. This translates to 32,579 Pacifica getting sold in 2018.

Upon learning this, we have to say that Honda has greatly exaggerated the Odyssey success and we can also commend Chrysler for being low-key towards the Pacifica’s dominance in the minivan scene.