Chrysler Pacifica Shows ‘Buick’ Level Of Commitment

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Chrysler has managed to pull off a stunner with the all new Pacifica and what’s best about it is that the vehicle is made to be a minivan. The Pacifica brags a nice styling, great power optimization and also the best fuel economy in the segment.

As such, the Pacifica is getting positive result on the sales front. Both the standard and PHEV trims are selling extremely well and it got us questioning on what’s next from Chrysler. The Pacifica may be good but it is by no mean a competitor for the likes of BMW and Mercedes so what is Chrysler up to?

The answer to this is that Chrysler is aiming to be a pseudo-luxury family brand which is akin to the likes of Buick and Lexus. The Pacifica is a great example of this hence we can expect Chrysler to offer similarly-tailored vehicles in the near future.

With Chrysler being part of the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, the role of extreme performance and luxury is probably being reserved for Maserati.