Chrysler Pacifica: The Only American That IIHS Approves Of

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With the stricker IIHS test, American automakers are finding that it is harder now to get the Top Safety Pick rating from IIHS. While there are more vehicles out there wiht the IIHS Top Safety Pick + award, only one American model was added into the list.

Out of the 30 2019 models in the lis, the Chrylser Pacifica was the onlu American vehicle to get the Top Safety Pick rating. The other vehicles in the list were either Japanese or Korean.

What is also missing this time is trucks. Some trucks like the Ridgeline was in the list last year but did not make it this year. IIHS sticker requirement for headlights meant that a lot of the trucks were not given as high as a safety rating as they would in the past.

With so many electric models coming in, you would think that the list would now have more electric models but only the Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid was added into the list.

You can check out the full list to see who made it and who did not on IIHS website.