Citroen Not Giving Up On Sedans Yet

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While automakers like Ford have already made up their mind on whether sedan will be part of the future line up, other automakers like Citroen is not ready to give up on the sedan models yet.

According to Autocar, there will be offering three more sedan model in the next two years which the first of the three coming in 2020. The first sedan of the three will be the all-new C6 model.

While it is still too early to start discussing about the design right now, it is said that Citroen will not be offering the conventional design but something a little more interesting. We did get to see a concept called Cxperience a few years ago but we do not know how much of it will make it over to the production model.

If everything goes according to plan, we should be seeing the 2020 Citroen C6 model at the Paris Motor Show next year before we get to see the other two sedans.