Classic Porsche Becomes All-American With Implants

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The 1973 Porsche 914-8 GTS is one of the best sports cars in that era and those that still owns the vehicle are unwilling to trade it away cheaply.

But for one particular owner, he is letting go of the Porsche 914-8 GTS for only $12,000 over on Craigslist and this defies the collector’s value that is with the car. However, before you give the lad a buyer’s call, you should know that there is a catch with the unit on sale.

It appears that the Porsche 914-8 GTS is not the same vehicle from 1973 as it has gone through a series of modifications that have turned it into an American sports car in the shell of the 914-8 GTS.

The owner admitted that the car is now running on a V8 engine that is sourced from Chevrolet. The headlights too have been replaced with those from the Chrysler 300. As for the taillights, the stock parts have been swapped for the units from Corvette.

The unfortunate bit here is that the advert has been removed from Craigslist but you can still check out the end product here. Do you like it?

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