Cop Reveals Everything Wrong With Tesla Model 3!

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Tesla is easily the most controversial carmaker in recent memory and this is due to their methodology that threatens the well-being of driving fans worldwide.

The best example for this is with their latest product – the Model 3. Despite being made as an entry-level EV, the Model 3 has got a cabin setup that is near identical to the Model S and the Model X. This means that most of the car’s functions are operated on a large tablet that is embedded on the dash.

Such a feature does create some high-tech flair inside the cabin of the Model 3 but looking beyond it will show you a disastrous promise. This is, after all, a tool that requires you to take your eyes off the road in order to operate some features through the slate.

Even a cop can see the danger of the large slate and this is evident in a video of a Model 3 that got pulled over by a local law enforcer. Despite not being in the wrong, the officer clearly views the feature on the Model 3 as a danger to other road users. Just see it for yourself below.