Corvette C8: Mid-Engine May Be Restricted To Stick Shift!

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If the next-gen mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 is the car you are hoping to own on launch day, you should start polishing your manual driving skills because the car may not feature an automatic gearbox.

This was indicated by a patent from GM that revealed a new slave cylinder will be made to function completely with a manual transmission. This has since convinced the fans that there will be a manual gearbox although the folks don’t expect stick shift to be the only option on the cards.

Unlike how the reports are claiming on a manual-only offering with the C8 Corvette, there are evidence of a DCT setup coming with the car hence we can’t right off the potential of automatics.

All will be clarified when GM pull the curtains off the C8 Corvette. We can expect that to happen at the Detroit Auto Show next year. Are you excited?