Corvette Gets Smog-ed By Disrespectful RAM!

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Pickup trucks are nothing like they were two decades ago as they are a lot more economical and powerful today. The drastic improvements of pickup trucks have turned the segment into a mainstream choice for American consumers but not everything about the utility vehicle is good.

Today, we witnessed a bad egg on the wheels of a RAM pickup truck. A video of a traffic congestion went viral online as it saw the RAM performing a ‘rolling coal’ on a Corvette next to it.

It’s just a disrespectful move from the RAM – something which we can all agree with. The video may not cover the whole incident but judging from the looks of it, the pickup truck wanted to switch lane but prevented by the Vette.

Rolling coal is an act that shouldn’t have been used by the RAM driver as actual people have died from it. Perhaps, the RAM driver should try signalling entry instead of getting abusive in such a manner.