Corvette ZR1: Can It Measure Up To McLaren 720S?

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Chevrolet has received a lot of praises for the creation of the new Corvette ZR1 and this is owed to the upgrades applied to the vehicle. The new Corvette ZR1 has taken track performance to new heights and it has proved its worth on several lap attempts around notable tracks.

But the golden question here is that can the Corvette ZR1 outpace the McLaren 720S in a proper lap duel? The latter is technically the car that has made the strongest impression this year and it is twice the price of the Corvette ZR1.

If the latter can outdo the McLaren 720S, it will show the world the real boss around the track. If the Corvette ZR1 is to lose by a narrow margin, it will still be a win due to the gaping difference in price. So what’s the verdict? Let’s find out below.