Corvette ZR1 Highlights Cracks On McLaren 720S!

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The McLaren 720S is one of the most glorified cars in 2018 and it is easy to understand why. Ever since the 710hp sports car made its debut, the vehicle has beaten some notable performers on both the drag strip and the track.

But if there’s one car that has yet to be conquered by the 720S, it is Chevrolet’s all-new Corvette ZR1. The new ZR1 is a car that is half the price of the 720S and it is packed with 45hp more than British sports car.

However, even with more power, consumers believe that the Corvette ZR1 is no match for the 720S. This has been proven today when the 720S showed its class through beating the ZR1 on a traditional track contest but observing the happening will expose some cracks on McLaren.

If you give it a good look, the 720S is actually slower on the turns but much faster on the straight line. The gap between the 720S and the ZR1 isn’t that huge to begin with and we don’t think that the British sports car can overtake its rival if it starts the race behind.