Dacia Duster EV Spotted Getting Tested?

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Dacia has not mentioned anything about them working on an EV model but some people believe that the vehicle spotted testing in the Arctic Circle could actually be an EV Dacia model.

According to the spy photograhpers that took the picture, the vehicle is an EV model. The body of the vehicle has been elongated here so while it might look like a Duster, some people belive that they might just be doing some test on some new tech and not really a new EV model.

Some people have already speculated that Renault might be testing a new race car for the Andros Trophy Electrique category. We know that a new four wheel drive class will be added to the EV race in 2020.

At this point, it is hard to decide what this vehicle is so we can only wait and see what comes from it.