Death Stranding Gets Another Confusing Teaser

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Death Stranding from Kojima has always been one confusing game as Kojima seems to be trying his hardest to throw us off until he is ready to release the game.

Ever since it was announced, we have already seen a few trailers and teasers for the game but we are not closer to understanding what the game will actually be about and this new teaser will not make it clearer for us as well.

The new teaser was released on Twitter where we get to see a hand with an outline, “Create the rope”. Some eerie music was being played in the back and then we see flashes of an object. As usual, the teaser is as confusing as everything we have seen so far. If you think you know what it is about, do tell us.

Death Stranding will be Kojima’s first new game after his split from Konami. At this point, there is very little information about the game other than these teasers so hopefully, we get a little more information soon.