Did Tesla Just Hijacked GM’s Trump Card?

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In a matter of months from now, GM’s Chevrolet will launch the highly anticipated Bolt EV. Just like the latest Chevrolet Volt, the Bolt EV electric system is developed by LG Chem. GM have been singing praises for their EV builder but now, those happy faces are at risk of turning into frowns.

It is reported earlier today that Tesla is in discussions with several tech giants to develop the batteries for their cars. Among them includes LG Chem, Samsung and SK Innovation. The move is important for Tesla as they need enough and timely supply for the future Model 3.

If the deal with LG Chem is to go through, then Tesla will be able to challenge GM’s battery technology since it came from the same source. As for now, no deals have been finalized and GM is possibly biting their fingernails in nervousness.